Would you say that backpacking helps with social anxiety and such? I'm such a recluse and have such a hard time with the things. I'm planning on backpacking because it really stands out to me but I'm quite scared that my issues are just going to make everything a mess for me.

Asked by Anonymous


When I am at home in my daily life, I am a recluse too. I don’t go out much and I enjoy my quiet time. But I have found that travel really breaks me out of that shell and forces me to be more outgoing and confident.

If you have never done much travelling before and are worried about how you may react to all the changes, just start off small. Go on a little road trip somewhere and test yourself. See how you react and build a little confidence. If you enjoyed the challenge and responded positively to it, try going somewhere a little further and more difficult. Push yourself little by little and see if it helps or harms your social anxiety.

It is normal to be scared before a trip. I still get nervous before I leave, even somewhere close. But I have the confidence that once I get there, I will become who I need to survive and thrive. Good luck!